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the moment lightning

shared the sky with a rainbow

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Early morning views of The Tetons.

TetonA06-07-2006 Copy

TetonC06-07-2006 Copy

TetonD06-07-2006 Copy

Glaciers have waterfalls.

TetonWaterfallZoom06-07-2006 001 Copy TetonWaterfallZoom06-07-2006 002 Copy TetonWaterfallZoom06-07-2006 003 Copy

Silver Lake, UTAH.

Cruise Ship, sunset view.

Cruise Ship, sunset view. Posted by Picasa

Disney Island

Disney Island

The Gorda Cay was once used as a stop for drug runners. The runway on the island was a true operational runway at one point, but since has been used as part of Disney's theme and is no longer functional. Gorda Cay was also used for filming in the past, the beach where Tom Hanks first encounters the naked Daryl Hannah in Splash is on the island.
Beatiful San Diego Sunset Wallpaper.
Third great wallpaper St. Thomas.